Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday update from Keri

(copied & pasted from Keri's email)

Ok I admit it. I don't know how to post a blog. I figured how to comment but can't figure out how to post a new update so
you will have to put up with yet another e-mail. She had a nice day today. I saw her around dinner time and she was in good spirits. She is on a continuous pain med so she has been more comfortable and therefore moving around more. The PT said to leave her foot brace off for 2 hours and then on for 2 hours at a time so she can practice moving her foot which she does quite well now. She is moving four fingers in her right hand but has no strength to hold a cup yet. I did see her pull her own sheets up though and she moved the call light to a better spot by herself. Her voice is coming back although it's still a bit raspy. I was commenting to the nurse that Fujiko's actual voice is very high like a young girl. Fujiko said that when telemarketers call the house they usually ask if they can talk to her mother. She said " I tell them my mom's not here right now and hang up." The nurse laughed at that and said that she could tell Fujiko must be a good friend to have since there has been a steady stream of people everyday. Her room looks great.
Wendy-I found all the nice scenery pictures you printed for her and put them back up.
All for now...

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