Saturday, July 17, 2010

Better Night

Fujiko said last night she slept very well. It was a much better night than the one before. I think Betsy had an excellent idea in bringing donuts to the nurses yesterday. I'm sure it can feel irritating to the staff to have so many of us in and out of Fujiko's room requesting things of them and asking them questions. The more we can do to get them on our side, the better it is for Fujiko. I asked how many nurses were on duty at any given time on Fujiko's hall. It varies depending on the census, but right now there are 9 - that includes nurses, CNA's and the secretary. Day shift and night shift are staffed with the same number of people. I am going to try to run over some cookies or something later on this afternoon. I'll sign it Love, Team Fujiko. If anyone has ideas for night shift goodies (Keri?) we could add the occasional nurse bribe to the TeamFujiko rotation? Just a thought...

Blog business: any of you can publish posts on this blog. I invited all who were on the original email list to be authors. I think that allows you to invite others to be authors as well. If it doesn't, send me email addresses, and I'll send out invitations. If you know of people who would just like to read - all they need is the blog url:

It's nice to see Fujiko looking better each day. Now if only we could get her that iced tea she craves...


  1. I'm so happy to hear the Fujiko is making good progress. When she left Boise she already had made some big leaps. She is so sweet and kind. Her day nurse in Boise, Tina, said, "I loved taking care of you" when Fujiko was about to be transported. A couple of other hospital staff from other parts of the hospital came to say goodbye. She made a big impact in the little time she was here. Please tell Fujiko I'm thinking about her and praying for her. Thanks for putting this blog together so I can keep up with her progress.
    With love,
    (her Boise friend!)

  2. I am printing out your kind words to read to Fujiko tomorrow. Thank you for spending time with someone you had never met. It is a comfort to know that there are Priscilla's in this world.