Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fantastic News!

Keri just called and asked me to update everyone (she is on the road & unable to email herself): forgive me for my un-medical terminology, but I will attempt to relay her information as accurately as possible:

As of 1:30(ish) this afternnon, three doctors had been in to see Fujiko. One of the doctors was a neuro-something. He told Fujiko that he thinks she can recover 100%! He did nerve stimulation tests, and even the fingers on her left hand (the "bad" side) responded to the stimulation which caused his optimism on her recovery. Fujiko has also got a referral to Craig Hospital. She cannot be admitted until she is stronger, but there is a wait list, so getting the referral was the first step to initiate the process.

Keri spoke with the physical therapist as well. The PT said it is okay to take the brace off of Fujiko's left foot to allow her to flex her ankle - this is good for maintaining muscle flexibility and for building strength. When Fujiko is finished exercising, put the brace back on.

Keri put one of the bouquets on Mary's side of the room. Mary was awake and mouthed "thank you" to Keri. Mike, the nurse, asked Keri (and the rest of us) not to put anything on Mary's bedside table as she tends to throw things. (!)

Keri said Fujiko was jubilant. Happy Day...


  1. Does anyone know if we can massage her muscle or would that be too much pain. I just know when you are stuck in a bed and you can't move anything a massage might feel good and keep the circulation going well. Just a thought.

    Mary the neighbor sounds fun!

  2. Don't know the answer to that one. But you're right, Mary does sound fun! And how exciting that the prognosis keeps getting better! Stay strong Fujiko! We're all here for you!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I know she likes getting her hair brushed. Not sure about massage.

  4. I left a better brush on her dresser this morning. Brush away. :)

  5. Thanks for doing this Cyndi!

  6. I visited Fujiko today with Joanne. It was such a pleasure to see her!

    She has a great sense of humor. I commented on the photo beside her bed ...the 70's party hippy photo. She rememered right away that I couldn't go and she is still busting me on it. A week before the party in her cute little voice she said "you have to go! Wendy will miss you!" I told her I will not miss the next part and I will go with her.

  7. I saw Fujiko tonight and she had a good day thanks to all the visitors that came and spoke up for her and took care of her.